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HOW TO: Mass resize images in Photoshop

photoshop image processor - mass resize

An easy tutorial on how to mass resize images or 'batch resize' as Photoshop calls it.

Photoshop version: CS4

Select File > Scripts > Image Processor

You now have four 'steps'

1) Select the images to process

Make sure the images you want to resize are all in one folder than 'Select Folder' (There's also a tick box you can select to include all subfolders). 

If you want to check the first image to make sure the resizing worked tick the box 'Open first image to apply settings.'

2) Select location to save processed images

Basically where do you want to save your newly resized images? 

You can either choose the same folder the originals were in or choose 'select location' to pick a new one. The resized images do not overwrite to originals, they will be put in a new folder named JPEG, PSD or TIFF depending on the file type you choose in the next step.

3) File type

Tick the boxes to select your file type. You can tick several if you wish:

JPEG, PSD and/or TIFF.

This is where the resizing comes in! Select 'Resize to fit.'

photoshop image processor dialogue box - mass resizeEnter the height and width you want your images to be in pixels (H for Height, W for Width) - you must enter both!

For JPEG's enter your quality. 1 is really low and 10 is really high. Select 5 or above if you don't want your images to look fuzzy.

PNGs have 'Maximize Compatability' ticked as default and I'd probably leave it at that.

4) Preferences

'Extras' you probably want to ignore. Just click 'RUN' top right.

I'll go over them quickly so you know what they are, but if you're just resizing you probably don't want to (they're for people pretty confident with Photoshop):

Run Action > Default Action > Some interesting effect!

This will add some interesting effects to your images. You can choose from Vignette, Frame Chanel, Wood Frame, Cast Shadow, Water Reflection, Custon RGB to Greyscale, Molten Lead, Make Clip Path, Sepia Toning, Quadrant Colors,Save as Photoshop PDF and Gradient Map.


Copyright Info - Put your copyright info here and it will show in metadata

Finally do you want to save the ICC profile? If you don't know what one is the answer is definitely no!

That's it! After you've selected all your options remember to get the process going  by clicking 'RUN' top right.