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Choosing a Website Designer

Choosing Website Designer in Oxford, England or wherever you happen to be doesn't have to be hard! In fact it's often a lot easier than choosing other services. Why? Because with other services you can't necessarily look around and see their previous work. If you need an interior decorator, for example, you can't easily go around the homes of their previous clients to inspect the work. It just isn't practical! With website design, however, you can.

You can look at previous websites a website designer has made just by using the internet, from the comfort of your own home. Just because I am a freelance website designer from Oxford doesn't mean you have to travel to England to see my work if you, say, happen to live in America. The internet has made the world smaller

You ask a website designer for a list of previous work and go and check it out, actually use the websites, see the quality and test if everything works. It doesn't matter what company you choose, you don't have to take their word for it that their work is good - you can see for yourself! Ensure that you do because it is easy and the very best way to make a good and informed decision. 

Freelance Website Designer or Website Design Company?

Being an Oxford Freelance Website Designer I may be a little bias on this! However I will try to be even-handed and simply point out the differences.

Remember there are GOOD website design freelancers and BAD website design freelancers, just as there are good and bad webdesign companies - that is why I was so emphatic with the advice to look at their work first! Once you know their track record you can buy their services with confidence. Another word of caution is NEVER buy from someone who sends you unsolicited marketing emails or telephone calls; more often than not they are scams. I have known a few people who were taken in with these: their aim is to take your money and disappear. A reputable company will NEVER send you spam.

So, dire warnings aside, what are the differences between a Webdesign Company and a Webdesign Freelancer? Well, you might notice the Companies portfolio is bigger - as well it should be because they have more people working for them. In contrast a freelancer's portfolio is smaller; however it will all be the the work of one individual. A company will tend to spread a project out whereas a freelancer will give it personal attention and if you phone up with a problem you will not keep being passed from department to department. I (although remember I'm bias!) think a freelance designer is better because you get a more direct relationship. Also a freelancer usually has to survive alone on only their talent and passion for the job.

Website Design Companies are usually more expensive because they employ more people and have more overheads, such as a company office, to pay for. The advantage of this is that they can handle bigger websites and often have experts in coding so they can write bespoke programmes. If you have a large budget and need an impressive website with things like custom games and interactivity I would definitely say a company is more likely to be able to provide that. But for a normal kind of website on a small or medium budget a freelancer can do just as good a job and usually for less money. (I know my prices are very competitive)! Nowadays the software and communications tools used by Companies will also be used by the freelance website designer.

I obviously cannot speak for other freelancers but I can speak for myself and my business and I know I offer some things you cannot get from Website Design Companies! 

  • I'm cheaper!
  • I offer a free 1 hour, non-obligation consultation
  • I will personally handle your website project from start to finish
  • I'm a skilled artist & designer so I can also create images and logos as needed - so you don't need to hire a graphic designer!
  • Many of my services, like SEO, are inclusive whereas other companies might consider them 'add-ons' and charge extra.
In conclusion please look at my previous work and read the testimonials from my previous customers. Make sure you make an informed decision and choose the Website Designer who is right for you. (I'd like it to be me, obviously, but if it's not don't worry - I won't hold it against you)!